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FAQ - Do you allow "RUSH" job orders?  Answer To Frequently Asked Question

  FAQ - Do you allow "RUSH" job orders?
  Rush jobs are completed in less than 7 business days after the final approval of your art and are subject to a 30% addition to your total. We do ask that you call ahead first to make sure we are able to handle your rush job before garments are sent to us, as we do not always have an open spot on our high-end equipment for sudden job changes. If you do send your garments to us without checking to make sure if we can handle your job, and at that time we are not able to rush the job, we will not be responsible for freight back to you.

When available from receipt of art approval & arrival of merchandise, apply the following:

* Rush Charges of 30% (5 – 6 business days)
* Rush Charges of 40% (3 – 4 business days)
* Rush Charges of 50% (2 business days)
* Rush Charges of 100% (1 Business day)

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